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What is the store ID for in the purchase links settings?

When configuring the Retail Outlets, there’s a section for “Store ID”.

Retail store ID field

The store ID is used when saving purchase links for books. It’s important to always keep the store ID the same, or else you’ll lose any previously entered book links for that store.

So here’s an example:

Let’s say you set up two stores like in the above screenshot: Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Then you create a new book and enter links for both stores. Then you come back to the settings page and change the “Retail Store Name” Amazon to Amazon Kindle. By changing the store name alone, all books that had links entered for “Amazon” will still have those same links entered. The label in the admin area will just now read “Amazon Kindle”. You keep all the links.

But if you now go back and change the “Store ID” from amazon to amazon-kindle then all books will lose their Amazon links since the ID has changed.

In short, always keep the ID the same if you want to keep the purchase links that have already been entered for that store.

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