Multi-Author Extension Now Available!

The long awaited multi-author extension is now available for purchase. The main Novelist plugin is designed under the assumption that one person (the site owner) is the author of all books on the site. The new multi-author extension changes this; it allows you to create different author profiles and assign different authors to each book. […]

Preview of the Multi-Author Extension (Great for Publishers!)

Novelist is designed for authors websites. The assumption is that you – the site creator – are the author of each book that’s added into the system. But I recently spoke to a designer who was creating a website for a publisher. This publisher wanted an author directory that¬†an archive of ¬†several authors, and each […]

Display Your Book’s Purchase Links Twice

One author approached me asking how to display the purchase links twice on a book page. She wanted them listed at the beginning of the page, and again at the end. This feature isn’t built into Novelist, but I whipped up a quick plugin that allows her to do just that. This add-on plugin adds […]