Goodreads Data

Goodreads import, stats, and reviews

Import books from Goodreads and display useful statistics on your book pages.


Simply enter a list of ISBNs, press “Import”, and let the add-on do all the work. New book entries will automatically be created for each ISBN and the following details will be imported:

  • Book Cover (this can be disabled)
  • Title
  • Series Name and Number
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date
  • Number of Pages
  • Synopsis
  • ISBN
  • ASIN
  • Goodreads URL

Book Statistics & Reviews

The Goodreads Data add-on allows you to automatically display the following statistics and information from Goodreads on your book pages:

  • Number of Reviews
  • Number of Ratings
  • Average Rating
  • List of reviews by readers

Each of these pieces of data can be individually added to your book layout. They will automatically update approximately once a day.